Nominations open NOW for (WSRLA/DEFA) water system low-interest loans and grants If your community is considering a water project, the nomination period for Water Supply Revolving Loan Account (WSRLA/DEFA) projects is NOW OPEN UNTIL MARCH 1.

WSRLA provides some of the lowest available loan rates for water projects including planning, design and construction. Principle forgiveness (grants) money is also available through DEFA, but is highly competitive. The grant/loan from this nomination period is available for use July 2021. You MUST NOMINATE PROJECTS BEFORE MARCH 1 to be considered for funding. There is not a penalty if you are not able to proceed with the project prior to the next nomination period in 2022. This low-interest loan can be combined with other grant and loan programs including CDBG and OPWC.

Large construction projects require a complete general plan prior to nomination to receive funding. All systems need an asset management plan to receive funding and DEFA may review the AMP for compliance. The DEFA program is pushing towards a readiness to proceed criteria. Projects where design is complete before March 1 will have a better chance to receive grant money if it is an eligible project. If your community is interested in pursuing grant funds for water projects next year it is important to start the planning and design process this year.

Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) Fresh Water Refinance Loan Program

On January 28, 2020, the Ohio Water Development Authority Board approved the program guidelines for the Fresh Water Refinance Loan Program. Through this program, OWDA can refinance the debt for drinking water, wastewater, and storm water projects. Fresh Water Program loans, Water Pollution Control Loan Program loans, and the Drinking Water Assistance Fund Program loans are not eligible for this program.

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