In the spring of 2016 IFM completed a design build project for wastewater treatment for a major NW Ohio Cleaning Product Manufacturer. Back in the summer of 2015, IFM completed a pilot UF system to test various means of treatment for this type of waste. IFM then came up with a design that would handle high amounts of TSS, FOG, Zinc and Phosphorus.

The waste from the facility is collected in large EQ tanks and from here it will be concentrated and then run through the Ultrafiltration System that was designed. The system is designed with a modified batch mode, a bachdown mode and a clean-in-place cycle.

The system has been operating with minimal cleanings and achieving 30x concentration appears attainable. With the minimal cleanings and the system, since being fully cleaned with membrane cleaner, is achieving over design flux rates. Currently Operational flux is maintained over 50 GFD.

Please see the attached case study for more information on the system, pictures and laboratory results from both the pilot as well as the current operation. Attached is also the general P&ID drawing of the system that was installed at the facility. The pilot case study is also on the website, titled Membrane Filtration for NW Ohio Cleaning Service. Please contact IFM with additional questions or more information on the design build process.