NICHOLAS T. HOUSER • Application integrator

Professional Experience

Mr. Houser, who commonly goes by his middle name Troy, started with IFM in 2010 as an assistant operator and service technician. Since then, he has grown into a key technical service, design engineer, and system integration specialist in IFM’s day-to-day operations and customer service. Mr. Houser has successfully led several extremely large and sophisticated water and wastewater projects. Because of his demonstrated service and leadership skills, he has been promoted to sit on the IFM Management Group.

Prior to joining the IFM team, Mr. Houser worked as a maintenance manager for a steel production facility. In this position he gained experience in general maintenance and knowledge of facility equipment including pumps, electrical knowledge, and system control programming and maintenance. In addition to his general maintenance duties, he had the opportunity to head up the purchase, integration, and ongoing operational duties for a newly installed wastewater RO system that supplied process water for the facility.

Upon joining IFM, Troy quickly played a key roll in daily plant operations and service of multiple water and wastewater facilities. He currently holds a Class I Wastewater & Class A Water Licenses. He has developed and taught in-house water and wastewater courses and provides field assistance to IFM’s technical service group.

In 2013 Mr. Houser successfully completed the National Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialist certification. He continues to complete continuing education hours to extend his knowledge in his water field focus of Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration.

Troy has been instrumental in the overall success of the IFM service and fabrication division. He has been involved in projects from the initial design to the installation and implementation/start-up stages.

WQA Certified Water Specialist

OEPA Class I Wastewater Treatment Works Operator

OEPA Class A Water Supply Operator