Professional Experience

Ms. McKeen, started with IFM in 2003 as the first college intern from Defiance College (DC). Since then, she has grown into a key manager in IFM’s day to day operations and logistics. Ms. McKeen oversees laboratory technicians and provides master scheduling of IFM staff throughout U.S. operations.

Upon graduation from DC in 2004, Ms. McKeen became involved in the operation of laboratory analysis, plant operations, lagoon services, and reporting. She currently holds a Class I Wastewater License, Class A Water License and provides Operator of Record duties as well. She has also been involved in the development and training of other interns that have become IFM Full Time Employees.

Currently, Ms. McKeen coordinates and oversees the daily activities of over 80 water treatment facilities, ensuring proper personnel are present as required by contract or ORC rules, as well as ensuring that all laboratory requirements are fulfilled. She has been instrumental in the overall success of the IFM Operations and Services divisions.

Ms. McKeen is well versed in operational troubleshooting, process control monitoring, and microscopic examinations of wastewater.

Her organizational and leadership skills have played a huge role in IFM’s 100% operational goals and has greatly advanced our level of professionalism and service.

BS in Restoration Ecology

Defiance College

OEPA Class I Wastewater Treatment Works Operator

OEPA Class A Water Supply Operator

OWEA Class I Wastewater Laboratory Analyst

Certified Potable Water Analyst for Colilert 24 SM 9223-B