IFM provides a full range of Operations Services to assist owners of Public Water Systems (PWS) and Wastewater Treatment Facilities comply with the rules and regulations that apply to these systems.

In Ohio, owners of these facilities must provide the minimum staffing required for their classification of PWS and/or Wastewater Treatment Facility. This "Operator of Record" shall be physically present at the PWS or Wastewater Treatment Facility to provide technical operation of the facility and tofulfill the time requirements as shown in the following tables. (Rule 3745-7-04, Ohio Administrative Code, Effective 12/21/2006).

IFM provides a full line of water and wastewater equipment and services including:

  • Pure Water Systems (Deionizers, Reverse Osmosis Systems)
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Lift Station Repairs/ Retrofit
  • Filter Re-Bedding
  • Bioaugmentation Services
  • NSF Registered Products for Drain Lines and Grease Traps

Operations and technical services provided by our trained personnel include

  • Daily System Monitoring
  • Overall Plant Troubleshooting
  • Sample Collection
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals Preparation
  • Laboratory Services
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact
  • Interpretation of Analytical Results
  • Plant Start-up Services
  • Complete Microscopic Services
  • Operator Training
  • Report Generation
  • Regulatory Agency Correspondence