The water you use in the manufacture of your product has specific requirements and specific costs. In this time when water rates continue to rise and are projected to continue to rise, a properly designed water use program can save you money and help make a better product.

IFM understands that different qualities of water are required for different parts of your process and we have the capability to provide what you need:

  • Water softeners- softeners eliminate hard water spotting, but soft water also requires less energy to raise its temperature
  • Multi-media Depth Filter-particulates found in most water supplies can be both abrasive and leave a residue. IFM’s multi-media depth filters can remove particles down to the 10 micron range and are self-cleaning.
  • Reverse Osmosis-membrane technologies have become the cost effective way of removing dissolved solids from water, this increases efficiencies of use and usability of a water stream
  • Deionization-from small portable exchange tanks to fully automatic mixed bed deionizers, IFM can specify and build a treatment system to meet your process water requirements.