IFM was approached by a national travel center to aid in achieving their goal of meeting EPA wastewater effluent standards. The current wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) consisted of a single-celled lagoon which was undersized for the water treatment needs of the facility and therefore necessitated an upgrade in loading capabilities.

A design for a new system was drawn up which included the use of equalization and aeration basins, media filter, and ultraviolet disinfection. During installation, extra steps were necessary and a force main pipe was utilized to allow the effluent water to reach the creek discharge point which was over a mile away from the landlocked plant. This brand-new WWTP allows for 10,000 gallons of EPA-approved effluent water per day.

The newly designed plant allowed for the travel center to meet EPA requirements for Total Suspended Solids, CBOD5 as well as Ammonia. For more information on this project please see attached case study.