In the early summer of 2016, IFM worked with students from Defiance College to aid a village in Tanzania. Defiance College’s McMaster School for Advancing Humanity supports students and faculty in their efforts to serve, educate and improve the human condition worldwide.

The McMaster School facilitates community-based research initiatives in several developing countries on an annual basis. Faculty and students engage in a variety of projects that are designed to address the challenges that communities face in these locations, such as improving access to clean water, teaching in schools, improving community health, and promoting entrepreneurship.

The small village that we had the opportunity to help did not have access to running water. With input from the McMaster Tanzania team IFM decided that we were the perfect company to help. The residents walk miles to Lake Victoria to collect buckets of water. As Lake Victoria was their only water source for drinking and cleaning, contamination of their drinking water was a concern. In 2015, another donor supplied two LifeStraw® Community Filters to the village to aid in water purification.

Since only annual visits are able to be made to the village by Defiance College, IFM was concerned about the integrity and the life of the existing filters. Therefore, IFM donated basic filtration units, as a pretreatment to the LifeStraw® Community Filters, and hand suction pumps to the village. The intent of the pump was to pull water from under the surface debris and scum floating in Lake Victoria. A filter was attached to the end of the hand pump to collect and prevent larger particles from fouling the LifeStraw®.

These hand pumps and filters were delivered to the village and the men, women and children were extremely grateful for the donation. The Defiance College McMaster Scholars were trained by IFM on proper operation and cleaning of the hand pump and the training was passed onto the village. IFM hopes to continue reaching out and assisting with providing water treatment utilities to these developing countries. Please view the attached presentation to see pictures from the trip and more information on this mission.