travel center water and wastewater system



A National Travel Center client solicited IFM to design, install, and operate both a water and wastewater system for its new facility in Florida (5,000-10,000 gallons per day).

Due to the location not having a receiving stream nearby for the wastewater treatment plant effluent water, an On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF) with a drip irrigation system was required. The system that IFM designed consists of two (2) pretreatment tanks, one containing a Lixor baffle, three (3) aerobic treatment units, three (3) dosing tanks, and a corresponding effluent drip disposal system. This wastewater system was designed to treat 6,390 GPD. Since the wastewater system expected to receive a low flow rate, IFM requested a waiver of jurisdiction from the Department of Environmental Protection to be under the oversight of the local County Health Department. This establishment was granted the variance based on the system design to properly treat the sewage flow from the facility.

In conjunction with the design and install of the on-site sewage facility, IFM completed a potable well water system design. The Department of Environmental Protection approved a six (6) inch well capable of 60-gpm, an ASME pressure tank, sodium hypochlorite feed system for disinfection, and a ground level storage tank for the water treatment system. In addition, IFM installed twin alternating softeners to provide the facility with soft water.

On September 21, 2018, the County Health Department came to the facility to inspect both the water and septic systems that were installed. Both systems were approved and immediately went into service for public use. These systems are now monitored by the Industrial Fluid Management team. The septic system is on a maintenance schedule for cleaning and inspections and the water system is checked by a licensed water operator per health department standards and quarterly Bacteria sampling. Since start up, the water and wastewater systems have had no operational issues and the facility has had no interruption of service. For more information on this or other projects, please contact us at 866-435-4436.