Pouring City Water



An opportunity arose to connect to a city water source at a facility being operated by IFM. The facilities current water supply came from an on-site well and required treatment prior to use. The new city water line connection was located across the street from the facility with close proximity.


IFM contacted the utility service provider to receive water quality information and prepared the required contract to complete the new connection. Because the new connection would involve boring under a state highway, IFM applied for a permit from the Department of Transportation and met with them onsite to discuss the connection and locate all utilities.

Upon approval of the application, IFM bored under the state highway and through the parking lot of the facility, connecting the incoming water line to the facility. Prior to turning on the new water line, the city water administrator completed a site inspection of the new connection and an annual backflow inspection.

The city waterline tap then turned on and the line from the onsite well was disconnected. The existing water treatment equipment for the well water was no longer needed and was removed. The piping was also reconfigured, and a water meter and backflow preventor were installed.

After a few days of uninterrupted water operations, IFM then began the process of properly abandoning the well that was previously supplying water to the location. The well was filled in and the record of the well was submitted to the state.

This entire project was completed over a 7 day time span with minimal ground disturbance and shut down time for the facility. During the transfer from the well to city water there was a momentary disconnection, but was completed in low traffic hours with no interruptions to normal operations. If you have any questions on this project or any others, please contact us.