There are many filtration technologies that are used to purify water for a variety of reasons. Filtration technologies are favored due to the fact that they remove organic elements and residual disinfectants in water supplies without adding anything to the water. Filtration technologies / systems are commonly used to protect water treatment systems such as Reverse Osmosis Systems and ion exchange resins from oxidation or organic fouling.


IFM offers water filters, replacement filter cartridges, membranes, and filtration systems that can be customized for your needs. We have a complete inventory of many carbon filters, membranes, bag filters, and housings (see below). Carbon filter systems include a tank, carbon, 3-opening head, distributor, in, out and fillport cam locks, fittings, and virgin GAC (granular activated carbon).

IFM also carries filtration media, carbon, and resin for a variety of water treatment applications. This can be purchased in bulk for you to replace your exhausted media yourself or IFM can replace it for you at our location or yours.

Contact us for pricing and availability of any of the below items or for a custom system to fit your needs.

Filters Available Media Available
Big Blue Filters Gravel
Purtrex Filters Garnet
Standard Carbon Cartridges Filter Sand
Big Blue Carbon Cartridges Anthracite
Sub-Micron Cartridges Filter Ag
Bag Filters GAC
Membranes – UF & RO Cation Resin
Filter Cartridge Housings Anion Resin Spare System Parts
Spare System Parts Mixed Bed Resin