IFM has custom level consultation and project management services to design and build any variety of water and wastewater treatment systems, including high strength industrial waste and ultra-pure water for industrial clients. Our design-build and engineering team takes extensive pride in project management, custom system integration, and successful installation of these designed systems.

IFM has the flexibility to incorporate custom controls, custom built treatment units, and whole treatment system design and installation. Our design services range from 10 gpm to several hundred gpm systems for pretreatment and large process water needs. This includes, but is not limited to, reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration systems, demineralizing systems, metal precipitation, and wastewater systems for small, medium and large companies.

To design your system, IFM’s team will complete bench top testing to determine the most effective system for your needs and within your financial range. IFM also has the ability to design and create a temporary treatment system to ensure that the proposes treatment is effective, prior to installing a permanent system.

Teaming with our parent company, Poggemeyer Design Group, we bring all the forces to bear down on your project such as:

  • Contractual Design
  • CAD Drawings including 3D drawings
  • EPA approvals
  • Specialized Treatment Devices
  • Construction & Installation
  • Startup services
  • Technical Training
  • Operational Services following Project completion

Contact us today and see how IFM can assist you on your next project or facility upgrade.