IFM was brought in to aid a plating and metal finishing company reduce their waste discharge to the city. The client was unhappy with the surcharges coming from the city that came along with the treatment of metal-laden wastewater, as well as the high cost of water. As a result, the second goal for this project became to clean the wastewater to a point of reuse using reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology.

An initial custom-designed, custom-built 12-15 gpm [permeate] trial RO system was utilized and was quickly succeeded by a 20 gpm, and finally a 40 gpm system due to the achievement of the systems to create large amounts of clean, recyclable permeate water. Additional equipment included a preceding acid feed meant to prohibit scaling of the membranes as well as carbon pretreatment filters and multiple process tanks. The entire system came complete with an O&M manual to ensure proper operations and care.

Once in place, a system recovery of 50-75% was observed as well as a high quality permeate stream with 80-95% rejection. The rental contract includes monthly preventive maintenance service visits by a certified operator.

For more information please refer to the attached case study.

RO Feed TDS (ppm) RO perm. TDS (ppm)
6910 115
>5000* >100
300 7
3800 60
270 5
2500 55
320 8
650 10
308 X**
3600 1400
190 27
11300 250
300 4
5400 140
3300 85
Average 3074.875 156.4