IFM Replaces a Bar Rack with a Grinder Station to Maintain Flow

IFM Replaces a Bar Rack with a Grinder Station to Maintain Flow

In the summer of 2016, IFM was approached by an existing client to maintain sewage flow at a facility near Valparaiso, IN. This client has regular, high flow with a large amount of debris in it...

IFM Installs a Containerized Booster Pump on a Municipal Water Line

IFM Travels South to Clean Leather Tannery’s Waste Stream

In late 2016, a city in the Dayton area contacted IFM about water pressure issues within their distribution lines. A factory that is on their water line is not receiving enough water pressure to support the fire suppression pumps for their facility...

IFM Aids in Water Purification for a Horse Farm

IFM Assists Major Automotive Foundry Evaluate Current Wastewater Treatment Methods

In the fall of 2016, IFM was contacted by a competitive horse farm in Michigan to help with the treatment of their well water. The farm land was on an old salt mine, so the ground water had an extreme amount of salt and TDS, too much for the horses to be able to use for drinking water. ...


Water Treatment

Services include Operations/Maintenance, Technical Consultation, SOP development, Design/Build and full operations/laboratory analysis. Experienced staff make us a proven leader in maximizing designs and operational performance.

Wastewater Treatment

From chlorine feed systems on a public water supply to the service of ultra pure water systems, IFM gets the job done. Factory trained technicians, licensed operators, design consultants and laboratory techs provide a team that will solve your water quality issues.

Design-Build Services

IFM designs and builds reverse osmosis and demineralizing systems as well as metal precipitation, wastewater systems for small, medium and large companies.

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